Comments from a travel agent about her client's recent trip to Peru:

"Hi Lisa, Clients were in today to express what a wonderful job Gateways did on their recent trip to Machu Picchu, they said it was first class all the way, tour guides were amazing, hotels, flights. Everything was perfect.  Thank you so much!!!"

Donna, Belleville
January 30, 2024

Comments to their travel agent about their recent trip to Italy:

"FAN FRIGGIN TASTIC!!!!!! We had  an amazing time, beyond words really. Hotels were incredible, the food amazing, the excursions and staff were awesome...I would highly recommend our trip to anyone."

Mark & Michelle, Ontario
January 29, 2024

On their recent trip to Italy:

"We did a 28-day holiday in Italy from mid-September to mid-October with Gateways and I just want to let you know that it was a fabulous trip. We did provide input into what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go and then Gateways came up with an itinerary for us. We tweaked the schedule a couple of times, but were very happy with our plan before we left Canada.  I wanted to thank you for organizing a trip that didn't have any glitches. Every hotel, transportation or tour that was booked occurred exactly as it should have. We were very happy with our guides, accommodations and train tickets/private rides.  We had a great dinner/wine-tasting/creating your own wine outing at a vineyard in Tuscany on our 40th anniversary. We got to walk up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, take a gondola in Venice, float into the Blue Grotto and so much more. Really enjoyed the trip to the lemon farm/pizza-making excursion in the hills outside of Sorrento. And I'm very glad that we had someone picking us up at the train station in Venice and getting us on a private water taxi to get to our hotel and back to the train station because it eliminated the chance of wasting a couple of hours trying to get on the right ferry with all those people getting off the train at one time...this thank you would have come a couple of months ago, [our travel agent] just responded to my original email to give me your name and email."

Mr. & Mrs. C., Alberta
January 29, 2024

Comments to their travel agent about their recent trip to Morocco:

"Happy Year to you! Loved Morocco. Our driver and local guides were all terrific. The hotels were top notch. The Riad in Fes was right out of a movie but cold in the common areas. Our room was toasty however we ate breakfast and dinner with our coats on as did other guests. We saw most of the major sights, mosques, medinas and Kashbas and had wonderful Moroccan food. Our driver and guides were very informed and we learned a lot about their culture, relationship with France and other Arabic countries. Their King is by all counts quite benign. Loved Rick’s Cafe! The ambiance was reminiscent of the era of the film and the food was very good."

Toni, Toronto
January 5, 2024

Comments about their recent trip to Morocco:

"Just wanted to send you a note about how much we enjoyed our Morocco trip. Everything went perfect, driver, guides, hotels, itineraries, were all great.  Thanks for putting this all together, you did a great job!"

B. G., Toronto, ON
December 4, 2023

Comments to their travel agent about their arrangements in Italy:

"The itinerary was perfect  -- Rome, Sorrento/Amalfi Coast and then across to the Adriatic for a visit to the off-the-beaten track Puglia province. It was an inspired plan. In every instance, whether it was hotels, transfers, sights like the Borghese Gallery in Rome, everything worked like clockwork. All of the guides and drivers, too, were of the highest quality. We are now talking about our next trip."

R.R, Toronto, ON
October 27, 2023

Comments to their travel agent about their arrangements in Turkey & Greece:

"Cannot thank you enough - what a wonderful time in Istanbul, we were so well looked after it was unbelievable! We are now on our cruise ship sipping champagne  & enjoying the sights at port - ferries & fishing boats making a steady stream in front of us."

L & E, Manitoba
October 25, 2023

Comments to their travel agent about their recent trip to Greece:

"Just wanted to let you know that we are safely home after our wonderful trip. We’re exhausted but full of awesome memories. A recap….the destinations were terrific. The private tour guides we had were top notch, very knowledgeable, interesting and nice people; shout out to Elizabeth in Athens (Acropolis and Delphi tours), Poppy in Heraklion (Knossos Palace) and Sophia our food tour guide in Chania was superb. We had free champagne/ouzo and desserts at almost every restaurant….the benefits of celebrating our 50th anniversary! The breakfast buffets did not disappoint…The World Jet Catamarans are the perfect way to travel between islands.  Weather was perfect…everyone was complaining about how hot August was….we had temps in the 70’s and low 80’s….rained only once….at night.  All in all…this trip exceeded our high expectations! Many thanks Carol to you and your team for helping us celebrate a 50th anniversary we will never forget!"

Greg & Jenni, North Carolina, USA
October 10, 2023

Comments to their travel agent about their recent trip to Italy:

"I just wanted to send you feed back from our trip, and thank you for your help...Lecce, hotel was centrally located, had a cute little breakfast room, within walking distance of everywhere we wanted to go.  Valet parking (due to it’s location) which made it super easy.  We drove to Otranto and spent a day, very cute seaside town...Loved, loved, loved Matera...we had dinner in a cave nearby....thanks again for all your help on this booking, it was an amazing trip."


Debbie, Alberta
October 4, 2023

Comments to her travel agent about their recent multi-generational family trip to Italy:

"We are home safe and sound. Everything was amazing, every tour every transfer and every hotel! The people were phenomenal to deal with.  We got to see my where my father was born and we had a fantastic Istrian meal at an Agri - Farm...We made all of our flights and got home without any delays...Such a fantastic trip. So perfect so beautiful.  I would recommend every hotel. Everyone was at the hotels were so helpful and the rooms were very spotless. Every transfer and tour guide were on time and great.

Thanks for arranging. It was a trip of a lifetime!"


Lisa, Ontario
September 29, 2023

Comments from client to her travel agent about her recent trip to Europe:

"Those private transfers were heaven-sent. It really made the travel so much easier and stress-free after a long trip! They were awesome! Thanks again for arranging everything for us Pat, it really was wonderful and we made some awesome family memories."


Pat B., Ontario
September 4, 2023

Travel agent's comments on her clients' recent trip to Portugal:

"...I wanted to share their amazing feedback with you. They had the most wonderful trip! They could not have raved about their experience more! So much high praise on every detail, the level of organization and effortless travel (sign when they arrived, transfers etc), the incredible hotels, the tours/guides... everything! They said they'd never go back to doing it on their own again. Can't thank you enough for all your work on this and I am thrilled it was such a success. They will definitely be back on future trips; I am sure of that!"

S.L, Ontario
July 27, 2023

Passenger comments to her travel agent about her family's recent trip to Italy:

"That was by far the best vacation that we have been on as a family. I think our kids seemed much more engaged that they have on other trips and there definitely was an eye opening on a different culture and way of doing things. They were all talking about other places they want to visit next!! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Was very much appreciated."


CC Family, Canada
July 5, 2023

On her client's recent travel arrangements in Barcelona:

"My clients emailed me to tell me that Gateways was great and the hotel was fantastic!! Thanks for making the arrangements. The clients were very pleased. ūüėä"

Michelle, Ancaster, ON
June 16, 2023

An email to their travel agent about their recent trip to Italy:

"Our trip was fabulous!  Everything fell into place beautifully and we were very happy that everything was pre -booked.  Service was great in all the hotels.  The tour guides were very informative.  All the drivers were on time and everything went according to schedule.  Italy itself was such a great experience and the country is stunning......so much history.  We learned a lot.  The hotels were all perfect.  All the hotels were very accommodating with anything that we asked for.  They helped us in each city and provided maps of the local attractions and areas of interest.  They suggested where to eat, where to go etc.  The people in Italy are so passionate about their country and are very proud of it.  It came across in the services that they provided us and in how they all welcomed us and took care of us.  We could never have done this trip on our own without the help of your services.  We ran into so many people upon our travels that couldn't believe all the sights and places that we had been to in such a short time span. Thank you so much, we have so many great memories that we will cherish and so many beautiful pictures."

J. & D. Tasson, Ontario
June 8, 2023

Comments from the P. Family to their travel agent:

"‚ÄúWe had a great trip Debra, everything that Gateways looked after was very well organised. The drivers and guides were fluent in English and very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. I have already recommended you and Gateways to a couple of interested friends!‚ÄĚ

P. Family, Burlington
May 31, 2023

Travel agent on her personal trip to Egypt:

"[We] wanted to extend our gratitude for assisting in our journey in Egypt! The arrangements from meet‚Äôn‚Äôgreet, transfers, hotels, private tours etc, were outstanding!¬†Service was top-notch and we both felt special with all of the aspects of this private touring!¬†Timings/tours were great, recommendations were wonderful ūüė䬆THANKS AGAIN for all of your assistance ‚Äď it was a wonderful trip with many fond/fun memories!!¬†Highlight was the Great Pyramid tour, as well as the hot air balloon over Luxor WOW !"

H.M, Kingston
May 19, 2023

Travel agent on her client's recent booking:

"I wanted to begin my day with an email to Thank you for your assistance...it says so much to us when we know you have our backs."

R.S, Toronto
May 8, 2023

Comments to their travel agent on their recent trip to Costa Rica:

"Thank you for all of your work in planning a last-minute Spring Break trip for us last month. We had a wonderful time, and look forward to returning to Costa Rica in the future to see more!  The private transfers and operators arranged for us were very smooth, professional and comfortable. We absolutely loved Arenal and the Arenal Manoa. Overall, we had a wonderful trip!"

Mr. O, B.C
April 30, 2023

Comments to their travel agent about their recent trip to Costa Rica:

"Our trip was fabulous. Thank you for all of your help. All of the accommodations were superb and the food was of good quality. The locations were amazing. My wife wants to return to Tamarindo next year."

C.C, Toronto
April 30, 2023

Client's comments on their tailor-made itinerary in Italy:

"The trip was fantastic. There were no glitches on the week you planned out for us. The hotels and staff were excellent and the drivers and tour groups were exceptional...Thank you so much for helping make this part so easy for us. Thanks again for all your organization and communication."

Kathy, Alberta
April 18, 2023

A note about her client's itinerary in Siena, Italy:

"Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your hard work on this one with me....seeing the photos on my client's Facebook of a grandmother with her teenage granddaughter cooking has been a joy. She also just texted me to say "We can't thank you enough for all of the arrangements for this trip. Everything is just perfect!" and that kudos goes to you as well. So thanks again for your help on this one, truly appreciate it!"

Cindy, Toronto
April 14, 2023

On their recent family trip to Costa Rica:

"We all had an amazing time, the kids loved it. We really enjoyed all 3 hotels as they were so different but Rio [Perdido] stood out the most. Unique layout and the food was off the charts. We loved all of the activities and the tour guide companies were great - the guides were all engaged, friendly and always on time. We ended up chilling for 3 days and enjoying the beach and pools. Overall we had a fantastic time and really wouldn’t have made any changes to the itinerary...thank you so much for all of your help, due diligence and follow ups. We have other trips on the horizon so will definitely be following up with you. Thanks again for all of your help."

A&K, Toronto
March 21, 2023

Comments to their travel agent about their recent trip to Portugal:

"I also want to tell you that the entire Portugal itinerary with Gateways was SPECTACULAR!  ...everything worked like clockwork.  The hotels were amazing, the rides were all on time and the drivers amazing, and the tours were spectacular.  We cannot say enough good about everything. We had an absolute blast. We wanted to sincerely thank-you for setting up an amazing trip for us!

 A & D

A&D, Toronto
February 28, 2023

On her recent trip to Argentina:

"Just wanted to thank you for the very magnificent tour to Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls.  All the arrangements worked perfectly...All the couriers were excellent and so helpful.  And it was even World Cup Party Time in Buenos Aires - what great timing.  Thank you very much for all your excellent help.  It was so much appreciated."

Anita, Dalhousie
December 21, 2022

Comments from the Hall Family on their recent trip to Italy:

"LOVED IT!...drivers were all extremely nice and professional and the guides were all fantastic. Two of the small group tours we were on had no other people so it was like a private tour.¬†The Truffle Hunting tour was a highlight...extreme gratitude for the excellent service.¬†ūüėä"

Hall Family, Ontario
December 7, 2022

Travel agent on her client's recent trip to Egypt:

"They are back home and very happy....everything you did was great…(no surprise…..it’s Gateways service after all) Thanks again for everything."

C.T., Toronto
November 17, 2022

Travel agent comments about her client's trip to Peru:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you! Sandra, A. messages me every day with the most amazing photos, and she is beyond happy with this trip so far. Her and her dad are having the absolutely best time and she is completely overjoyed by the amazing itinerary and things they are doing. She said they want to do more trips like this  :) :) Thank you, so very much.  I'm so happy my client is so happy."



Amy D., Ontario
November 10, 2022

On their recent trip to Morocco:

"Just wanted to let you know that our trip went very well and exceeded everyone's expectations. This would not have happened without your good work. Thanks again for all that you've done. Our escort guide was incredible and we owe it to him for making our trip a very memorable one."

S.B, Toronto, Ontario
November 9, 2022

To their travel agent on their recent tailor-made family journey including Italy & Greece:

"The private tours make a difference. Private transfers were quick and efficient.  Tours were all great with good guides. Kids had a blast. Thanks for all the help arranging it all."


D. W., Kelowna, BC
November 1, 2022

To their travel agent on their recent tailor-made journey to Italy:

"The trip was great, front to back!"

"We had a MARVELLOUS time, thanks so much....we LOVE Gateways transfer services and we have heard several horror stories of people getting ripped off and robbed while doing transfers on their own. Lots of mistakes to be made and I LOVE the nice Gateways people that show up at our hotel to pick us up. I will use Gateway every time I go to Europe now ‚Äď their service was stellar. Always a touch early, always when and where they said they would be.¬† Fantastic.¬† Very professional, like you said. "

D. W., Kelowna, BC
November 1, 2022

To her travel agent about her recent trip to Italy:

“Really appreciate all you’ve done to truly make this a trip of a lifetime!! Having a fantastic time. Everything is wonderful! The personal escorts, the hotels, the itinerary….so much more than I expected!!"

Christine H., Toronto
October 20, 2022

To her travel agent on her recent trip to Italy:

“Omgosh Judith. This trip is amazing! Please recommend Gateways, and use us as references. Excellent hotels, great locations (especially Venice and Sorrento), wonderful to have pre booked transfers and guides, …). Worth every penny!!-
Excellent service and support from you every step of the way ‚̧ԳŹ Thanks.‚ÄĚ

Barb O., Toronto
October 20, 2022

On her client's recent trip to Italy:

"Italy was absolutely wonderful and we enjoyed the entire experience. Thank you very much for putting together the travel itinerary - it was great!"

Rosanne, Toronto
October 19, 2022

On her client's recent Moroccan journey:

"Morocco was great.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the country, the history, the culture and the energy in the main cities.  We didn't have any expectations but we were very pleasantly surprised. The tour guide/driver was wonderful.  Very accommodating, knowledgeable and polite.  After a day, we thought of him as family.  In fact we met his wife and spent an evening together.  Thank you for arranging this holiday and we are recommending Morocco to our friends and family."

Debbie, Toronto
October 11, 2022

On her client's trip to Italy:

"...everything was smooth - all drivers were professional, on time, nice vehicles!  Thanks again for all your help somewhat last minute to get this trip to happen!"

Cindy A., Toronto
October 11, 2022

On their recent tailor-made family trip including Paris & Portugal:

"Thank you so much. Best trip ever."

S & R, Toronto
September 6, 2022

On their recent tailor-made itinerary to Costa Rica:

"Many thanks for all of your help organizing our trip to Costa Rica. We had such a wonderful time! Every driver, connection, and tour went ahead as planned, and without a hitch. The accommodations were magical, the weather cooperated perfectly, and we are grateful to have had the chance to travel once again. Highlights were definitely zip lining, rafting, hot springs and an all-inclusive that we had almost entirely to ourselves (only 4 other guests there most nights!). We’ve started dreaming of the next trip..."

K & B, Ontario
August 30, 2022

On her recent Pilgrimage to Mexico:

"One of the best pilgrimages I have been on and I have been on many. Tours: so organized¬† not rushed with leisure time in between and after tours.¬†Hotels: conveniently located ‚Äď rooms excellent spotless maid service great.¬†Dining: Very good.¬†Staff: Very helpful.¬†Bus driver ‚Äď excellent.¬†Guide: Like an encyclopedia on Mexico city. EDGAR so organized ‚Äď so calm ‚Äď so helpful.¬†On a scale of 1 to 10 I place him over the top 11."


Evelyn C., Ontario
August 15, 2022

On her recent tailor-made bookings to Europe for her clients:

"The service at Gateways has been second to none.  I was having difficulties with delays and errors from other suppliers for my European FIT's, but all that is in the past since I started working with Gateways. Lisa Blitz is a rockstar...Her dedication and care for my clients gives me full confidence in booking with Gateways. 


Melissa B., Ontario
July 26, 2022

On her client's tailor-made journey including Sicily & Rome:

"...They really enjoyed the villa and especially the chef and the Market/Cooking tour in Taormina. They also loved Rome....Thanks so much for all of your help on this."

Monica M., Calgary, AB
July 19, 2022

On their tailor-made journey through Argentina:

"...All in all, it was an unforgettable tour which we all enjoyed very much.

Thank you for the excellent job done, you never once failed to provide us information. We were very comfortable traveling that we could reach you anytime."

Nirmalinie, Toronto
April 26, 2022

Comments to her travel agent on her recent trip: 

"We had an amazing trip! I highly recommend Gateways International! Their guides were excellent and drivers were punctual. The Galapagos, Quito and Peru were all outstanding. Thank you for your help in organizing my trip of a lifetime!"

P.M., Toronto
March 17, 2020

On her client's journey to Costa Rica:

"My clients we sent to Costa Rica in February had great things to say about the itinerary you put together for them so thank you so much for your help!"

Lynn, Alberta (Travel Agent)
January 20, 2020

On her client's journey to UAE:

"...just to let you know that the arrangements went without a hitch and they absolutely loved every minute of their trip.  They had an amazing time and we thank you so much for being such an awesome partner."

Muriel, Oakville
March 18, 2019

On her recent trip to Argentina & Easter Island, Chile:

"Just want to thank you for the marvellous job you did for me and my husband to South America and Easter Island. Everything was great and the people you used for transportation to and from airports were great.... I recommend Gateways International to all of my colleagues."

Charlotte, Moose Jaw, SK (Travel Agent)
March 5, 2019

On her passenger's recent trip to Costa Rica:

"I just wanted to let you know that our mutual clients had a fabulous vacation to Costa Rica. Both resorts were fantastic, excellent food, they would highly recommend either resort. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help, I appreciate it."

J.W., Ontario
March 1, 2019

Travel agent comments on his client's recent trip to Peru:

"I just spoke to <my client> after their Peru visit and they loved their whole experience. Especially the guides ‚Äď they were all outstanding."

Randy, Ontario
March 1, 2019

On her client's recent trip to Chile:

"My clients said that their trip to Chile was one of the best trips they ever made. They loved it and enjoyed their guides and the accommodation and food/drinks was all very good. They loved the fact that the excursion groups were small. Thank you so much for your help making my client's travel dreams come true."

Ingrid, St. Catharines, ON
February 25, 2019

Comments to their travel agent on their trip to Morocco:

"...we had an awesome time. Morocco was amazing and though exhausting, we saw so much and really enjoyed our guide Mohamed. He was very knowledgeable and spoke English very well. The hotels they chose for us were outstanding and we couldn‚Äôt have been happier...we were very impressed with Gateways. The owner even called during the trip to ensure we were well looked after.¬† The trip was indeed first class though we were exhausted at the end of it ‚Äď a lot to see in a short period of time...I would not hesitate to book with Gateways again."

Marnie S., Winnipeg, MB
January 8, 2019

Comments to her travel agent on her recent family trip to Peru:

"My goodness - fabulous trip! Thank you so much for all of your help - we were hand held and guided seamlessly through a VERY ACTIVE trip! Kids calculated we did 12 flights in 12 days LOL! We had great weather - no rain YIPPEEEEEEEE. Super big thank you - you are a WIZARD!"

Barbara E., Quebec
January 7, 2019

To their travel agent on their custom Italian journey:

"Thank you for everything. Was fabulous. Everything went so smooth with no problems. Marco our driver in the Tuscany was great. So sweet and a joy to meet every morning. I can’t say enough about Gateways. Hotels were great...and we were met at trains as agreed. I can not imagine us getting around Italy without their help. Would not have changed anything. Kathy you are fabulous also because without your help, our holiday may have been very stressful."


Kathy, AB
October 12, 2018

On his client's recent trip to Italy:

"I would like to thank you for your help in creating a Italian Experience for my clients. They enjoyed every minute and details of the trip."

Brian, Ontario
October 9, 2018

On her client's package to Peru:

"Clients were just in the office and they wanted me to Thank you for a wonderful trip! I want to Thank you for being so wonderful to work with!!!"

Coleen, BC
October 4, 2018

On her client's recent trip to Italy:

"I chatted with them last night and they are just reeling in post trip ecstasy.  They could not say enough about the hotels , tours and guides.  As John said, we hit it out of the ball park big time !!!!!  Thank you for yours and companies expertise and professionalism in making this all happen."

Helen K., Ontario
September 28, 2018

On his recent trip to Peru:

"We truly had an excellent experience with no flaws and seamless. Accommodations were as wonderful. Thank you!"

Paul C., British Columbia
September 17, 2018

On her recent Tailor-made itinerary:

"I cannot tell you how absolutely mind blowing this trip was!"


Margaret, Ontario
September 7, 2018

On her Custom Birthday Journey in Peru:

"First of all THANK YOU for organizing such a fabulous trip to celebrate my birthday! All 13 of us climbed Machu Picchu on my birthday and then the next day, 8 of us in the group were successful in climbing up to the top of Huayna Picchu. It was spectacular! I was thrilled to be able to say that I could accomplish this with my whole family. I felt very blessed. Everything that Gateways arranged was flawless and would not have changed anything."

Darcy, Travel Agent, Ontario
August 17, 2018

On her Custom Family Tour of Italy:

"I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU email for the fabulous job you did in helping us plan and execute our trip to Italy.  Everything went so smoothly and efficiently, without a glitch, thanks to your careful and detailed attention."

Rachel K. & Family, Toronto, Ontario
August 17, 2018

On their Custom tour of Italy:

"What an amazing trip you planned, you literally did not miss one single thing. Everything was perfect! I can't thank you enough."

H & A, Maple, Ontario
August 17, 2018

On her recent trip to Italy:

"Just wanted to thank you again for your assistance ‚Äď back to reality today but we had the MOST outstanding vacation!!!! The hotel in Tuscany was by far the best place I‚Äôve ever seen and the customer service is second to none. I highly recommend to anyone this property!"

Laurie G., ON
July 3, 2018

On her client's custom itinerary in Peru:

"Thank you very much, you did a great job!! I wanted to share her comments with you!!"

(We) were blown away by the beauty of Machu Picchu and the friendliness of everyone we met in Peru.¬†The hotels you selected for us were outstanding!¬† Beautiful properties, great food, amazing staff, etc.¬† My only regret is that we didn‚Äôt have more time to enjoy even more of what they had to offer!¬† Staying at The Belmond Sanctuary, literally steps away from the entrance to MP, was so special.¬† Seth and I were having cocktails in the courtyard with its incredible view of the mountains and must have said ‚ÄúI can‚Äôt believe we‚Äôre here‚ÄĚ about 100 times!

We had regrettably little time to spend on our trip and (Gateways) maximized every minute of it.  They worked incredibly hard to make everything run smoothly.  We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Thank you so much for putting all of this together! - Seth and Sara

N.Z, Travel Agent, Toronto, Ontario
April 26, 2018

On her client's recent custom itinerary in Peru:

"Mr. G. highly praised Gateway’s services at destination throughout the trip but especially the day before their return. Their daughter had lost her passport on the bus coming back from Machu Picchu and that evening when they returned to their hotel in Cusco, the passport was waiting for them at the hotel.  They were really impressed. He now only wants to travel with Gateways on any future FIT trips." 

Lorraine, Travel Agent, Montreal
April 26, 2018

On her client's recent custom Honeymoon in Iceland:

"I just spoke to my honeymoon clients, who booked their Iceland honeymoon trip with Gateways. They had an absolutely amazing time and could not say enough good things about the Gateways experience. From the ipad GPS to the hotels, everything was perfect for them. The entire trip was stress free and enjoyable. They would definitely book a future Gateways package and highly recommend it to anyone." 


Karen, Expedia CSC, Ontario
June 20, 2017

On their custom tour of Italy:

"Had a fantastic time in Italy. It was sunny and 30 degrees every day, not a speck of rain. All of the regions were so different from each other and we enjoyed them all. Sestri Levanti was BEAUTIFUL! It felt like a beach resort. Anyway, all went well and we had a fabulous time. Thanks for looking after this for us. We are already starting to think about our next adventure." 


Heather S., Ontario
June 20, 2017

Travel agent comments on her client's custom tour of Morocco & Russia:

"They enjoyed Morocco and everything went well...the desert excursion was great and so were the hotels that they stayed at. Thank you so much for arranging this tour and for keeping my clients happy." 


W&W, Ontario
June 20, 2017

On their custom tour of South America:

"Overall, everything was handled smoothly and the tours met all our expectations. We have highly recommended your company to several friends who have inquired about the trip. Thank you for a remarkable holiday." 


G. C., Ontario
June 15, 2017

On their custom tour of Portugal & London:

"The trip was AMAZING! We couldn’t have asked for more, such a great experience that we will remember forever! I have already recommended your company to one of my customers who will be planning a Europe trip soon." 


A & M, Ontario
June 15, 2017

On their custom tour of Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos:

"We had an amazing time. Everywhere we went was a new surprise!! We even managed to hike up to the Inca Gate at Lake Titikaka (with a few breathing stops!). The Galapagos were quite different from expectations, they are new (-ish) volcanic rock and have virtually no growth apart from a few scrub trees. The birds are not in the least afraid, and just watched us walk by. Everything went well." 


Sally & Harvey, Toronto
January 30, 2017

On their custom tour of Colombia:

"We had such an incredible vacation, our guides and drivers were ‚Äútop notch‚ÄĚ and we were able to experience so many different activities in such a short time. Colombia is such a beautiful country, the people are friendly and we felt safe throughout the entire trip. Please pass along our thanks to your contacts at Gateways International."¬†


D.S., Toronto
January 30, 2017

On her client's custom tour of South America:

"They have nothing but GREAT comments about the services that you provided for them: the guides; the hotels; the wheelchair arrangements & the flights were all first rate.  Thanks for continuing to provide a superior service for our clients."


Linda, Toronto
September 28, 2016

On their tour of Peru, Incas/Ecuador & the Galapagos:

"A dream trip, exceeding all expectations. A custom itinerary involving nine flights, train, vehicles, cruise, guides, drivers, tours, hotels, world class fine dining; too much to list. Professionally arranged, seamlessly executed, by an organization that has all the right connections to have given us the experience of a lifetime. If you are planning a vacation to South America, you could not do better!"


J&B, Toronto
September 28, 2016

On their custom tour of Italy:

"The trip was absolutely incredible! A trip of a lifetime! 

Thanks so much for everything you did in getting us organized.  We had no issues with any hotel, transfer, train etc...which made for a very stress-free trip.  The hotel selections were really nice and fit exactly what we were looking for.  It was nice knowing that we had a contact in Italy to call should anything come up, but there was no need for that. Everything went as planned without any hiccups!

Its hard to say what we liked best, but I think Crystal and I both probably favor Sorrento slightly.  It was great being so close to the water the whole time and sunsets there were beautiful.  The hotel had a great roof-top pool with an amazing view, and they were very helpful in booking a couple of boat tours we went on.  I think staying in Tuscany was a pretty close second, though.  Obviously it comes with much different scenery, but Villa il Poggiale was unbelievable.  It was such an amazing place and the whole staff made us feel right at home during our 4 nights there.  I know my parents would love to spend a few nights there the next time they visit Italy.  Such amazing food and wine there too!  We also managed to get amazing luck while in Venice, because we were visiting during the Redentore Festival.  On our last night in Italy, they had a 40-minute fireworks display just off the Grand Canal...what a sendoff!

Thanks again for all your help in organizing the trip.  We had such an amazing time!  All the hotels, transfers, flights etc. were great, but all the little details along the way made it such an incredible experience.  Now to save up for the next one!"

Jason & Crystal, Edmonton
September 14, 2016

On her passenger's tour of Southern France:

"I just wanted to send a little note to say thank you again for all of your work on [the] trip to the South of France.  We got a chance to talk in detail about their trip today and they were just so happy with everything!  She said it was such an emotional trip for her, something she had been dreaming of for years and it fulfilled all her expectations.  Lourdes especially was so special.  She had great things to say about the accommodations."

Danae, Ontario
September 14, 2016

On their tour of South America:

"We got back last week from our wonderful trip to Buenos Aires, the Amazon River on the Aqua Amazon and our Finch Bay week in the Galapagos and wish to thank you for making all the arrangements for us. Everything went very well and it was nice to be greeted by such knowledgeable people in each of our destinations. Not only did they provide the transportation that we needed and appreciated, but they were able to give us useful information on the places we were visiting.  We would not hesitate to use Gateway International for future travel plans.

Again many thanks."

Robert & Marion, Ontario
March 8, 2016

On their trip to Costa Rica:

"We have all arrived back to our routines. Our family of 12 had a great time. Your services everywhere, right from our late arrival in San Jose  to our departure at Barcelo to go to the airport in Liberia were outstanding. Everyone was on time if not early and we got communication on one of the buses about about a change in pick up times. This was just super planning.

Every guide/driver was full of knowledge of the area and able to make us aware of various native wildlife and species of flora and fauna . Our family is into all that. Everyone accommodated all of us. I and my husband were unable to do a couple of things. That  was not a problem, we were kept intrigued by everything around us. Each staff throughout all venues were professional and courteous. Drivers were exceptional. Even know the best places to stop.

Our accommodations were "awesome" as the grandkids said so there you have it . It was great . We will recommend Gateways for an awesome job.

Thank you!"

PV Family of 12, Ontario
January 12, 2016

On their trip to Italy:

"The trip was excellent. ¬†Everything was smooth as silk and we were in good hands the entire time. ¬†Absolutely zero surprises. ¬†The tours really made the trip for me/us- we all learned a ton and we had some much needed downtime. ¬†The car rental was perfect sandwiched in between bigger city experiences.¬†Our 9 years old favourite was Villa Loggio ‚Äď probably Jeff‚Äôs too. ¬†I really loved Florence and the history. Would love to go back to Milan and shop ;))¬†

It was all great.  Kudos to you and your team- very professional and I’d highly recommend!!"

Susan G., Calgary, Alberta
September 15, 2015

On her passenger's custom arrangements in Istanbul:

"I just wanted you to know...they had a fantastic time in Istanbul.  Their guide was excellent and all of the arrangements were perfect.  Thank you so much for your assistance.  It is such a good feeling when your guests come home so happy with their trip.  I just wanted to share that with you."

Victoria, Mississauga, Ontario
September 11, 2015

On her passenger's custom itinerary:

"I just wanted to let you know that the clients are back and they had a wonderful time. They asked me to thank you for arranging everything so perfectly!!!"

Ms. Noble, BC
September 11, 2015

On her passenger's custom itinerary to Peru:

"I just wanted you to know that Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn have returned from Peru and all the arrangements were perfect.  They enjoyed their stay at Inkaterra and the Nazca Tour.  All the flight bookings worked out too!!! I would also add that April was terrific!!  She was very professional and extremely helpful. Thanks for your help."

Cindy M., Mississauga, Ontario
September 11, 2015

On their tour of Spain:

"We were very pleased with our accommodations, tours, etc.  Spain exceeded our expectations!! "

Dan & Family, Alberta
July 24, 2015

Comments to their travel agent on their honeymoon in Costa Rica:

"We just wanted to say thank you SO much for helping us plan our honeymoon - we had the trip of a lifetime and we didn't have to worry about anything!! All of the resorts were beautiful and we really got to relax and enjoy the beautiful country that Costa Rica is!"

Brayden & Leah, Ontario
July 24, 2015

On their trip to South America:

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our South American holiday. Everything that you had arranged worked out as planned. Thank you for making it happen.

Rob M., Ontario
July 24, 2015

On their trip to Costa Rica:

"The trip was fabulous. everything we hoped for and quite a treat. The family says they would not have changed a thing."

Robinson Family, Ontario
April 30, 2015

On their itinerary to Spain:

"We've had the best trip ever - you booked a fabulous itinerary for us - Jim says this is the best trip we've ever had! All our guides have been first rate and all the places we have seen have been amazing , including the hotels you booked.  Everything was wonderful - all the guides were so informative and considerate of Jim's walking difficulty - these people could not have been nicer. Thanks so much for everything."

Veronica O.


Veronica O. – Ontario
April 30, 2015

On her trip to Brazil:

"Just wanted to let you know everything on the trip was AMAZING, everything that you had set up for us was beyond what we had hoped, hotels were beautiful and perfect locations, all the tour guides were AWESOME! Just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you did for us...I really appreciated all the hard work you put in!"

Ms. Earhart, Group of 8 Passengers, Ontario
October 17, 2014

On their tailor-made tour of Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos:

"[My] clients just came back from your tour and they can't say enough about how great it was.  From the accommodation to the tour guides to how smoothly everything went...all in all they can't say enough about Gateways!  Yay!"

Mr. and Mrs. Maver – Ontario
October 17, 2014
I got back about two weeks ago from my FABULOUS Three Wonders tour of South America and Easter Island and am still adjusting to reality. The trip exceeded my expectations. It was all wonderful, but the absolute highlight was the Easter Island visit on my birthday. What a wonderful time I had turning 60 on that magical island! I would go back there in a heartbeat, and I would stay again at the incredible Hotel Altiplanico. The staff, the food, and my own luxury "hut" were all so great. I sat on their terrace sipping mango sours and watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Life doesn`t get much better than that! I particularly appreciated the guides on the trip, who were all so knowledgable, courteous and dependable. The first time a guide was scheduled to meet me at an airport was the night our flight from Miami to Lima was delayed and we arrived after midnight. I wasn`t sure if the guide would be there and was feeling a little nervous arriving alone in a strange country late at night. How wonderful, then, to walk through the baggage area, tired and a bit uncertain, only to see Maria holding a sign high over her head with my name on it. After that I came to simply expect that the guide would be there - and they always were - but that first experience in Lima with Maria at the beginning of my trip made me feel that I was in great hands with Gateways. The first thing I did when I came back was to start planning my next Gateways trip - thanks, everyone!!
Ms. Roche – Ontario, Canada
October 17, 2014

On their tailor-made itinerary to Greece & Turkey:

"Just wanted to let you know we had a great trip.  All the arrangements and flights and transfers went off without a hitch.  Amazing!  10 flights and no problems. Turkey was amazing and our guide was terrific and very knowledgeable.  Greece was...very busy but beautiful and great food."


Carol & Kevin, Ontario
October 13, 2014

On their tailor-made itinerary to Peru:

"Peru was AMAZING!!  We loved it!  The trip was indeed quite enjoyable and incident free!  Great combo! Thank you so much for all of your efforts and suggestions - it's a trip we will remember forever!"

L.G., Ontario
September 2, 2014

On their tailor-made itinerary to Iceland:

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that my clients 'The Haightons' had a fantastic trip to Iceland. They called it their dream vacation and said every day was incredible. Thank you for making me look good! :)"

Mr. & Mrs. Haighton, Ontario
August 25, 2014

On her client's itinerary to Turkey:

"They absolutely loved everything about the tour.  Were treated exceptional.  She raved about how great the tour and guides were.  5* accommodations!!!  All of the documentation was put together so well.  They noticed others on the tour did not have the same experience… eg the American women were a bit lost in what the itinerary entailed. I thank you once again for everything and will certainly book through you again."

Judy (Travel Agent), Airline Ticket Centre, Alberta
August 18, 2014

On their tailor-made itinerary to Costa Rica:

"The trip was incredible. Gateways did an incredible job and made our journey exceed all of our expectations. Guide and driver, especially, were the best imaginable. So, a good time was had by all. Thanks for arranging this for us!"

Peter & Family, Toronto, Ontario
July 15, 2014

On their tailor-made tour of Italy and France:

"Gateways International did an amazing job with the tours and the accommodation. Everyone was where they said they were going to be, when they said they were going to be there :) It was a very stress free vacation."

Mr. and Mrs. Monk – Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
June 24, 2014

On her passenger's custom itinerary in Italy:

"All worked out perfectly with Mr. Berger, I was in touch with him this morning...he is very happy!!! Thank you so much, Gateways is amazing and he and I are so impressed with the service he received."

Marla (Travel Agent)

Mr. Berger, Ontario
May 30, 2014

On their tailor-made itinerary of Argentina and Chile:

"We had a wonderful experience in terms of the staff in South America being on time to pick us up and drop us off. There were no delays and everything ran smoothly. Our stay at the winery in Chile was the highlight of our trip. The rooms were beautiful. The food was amazing and included wine pairings at lunch and dinner. The option to do a day trip was wonderful, this allowed us to try horseback riding and was the best part of the honeymoon. Overall we experienced 5 star service everywhere we went. We would highly recommend this trip!"

Laura U – Waterloo, Ontario
November 21, 2013


On her recent trip to Argentina:

"Just wanted to thank you for the very magnificent tour to Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls.  All the arrangements worked perfectly...All the couriers were excellent and so helpful.  And it was even World Cup Party Time in Buenos Aires - what great timing.  Thank you very much for all your excellent help.  It was so much appreciated."

Anita, Dalhousie